How to Properly Flash Roof Pitch Transitions with Standing Seam Metal Roofs The Right Stuff

Search and locate master contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair DIY Help Center - A careful look will show this change in pitch was done haphazardly and shows a lack of metal roof installation knowledge. The metal is badly crimped and beginning to fail. This roof was installed only 8 years ago. He got what he paid for?. He said our price was too high. We don't think the owner was expecting this outcome. There is considerable oil canning, as well, for such short panels and there is no snow retention over the front door. How do we know this, you might ask? We gave this homeowner an estimate. Free contractor estimates - roof quotes, roof repair service, industrial roofing, residential roof repair. a cheap metal roof. The metal is cracking due to the movement of the metal and a poor installation. You can see that where the metal is bent and changing pitch ..More

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