Roof Maintenance: Patching, Lay-over, or Replacement?

Listings Of master contractors - Service Professional Blog Pages - If you are unsure if your roof needs repair or replacing, consider an inspection and consultation with an experienced roofing professional. Contact us to discuss your options. Get free estimates - inspect roof, roof framing, hail damage, affordable roofing. We can help you make an informed decision that will ensure that your roof not only looks great, but is protecting your home ..More

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Directory Of emergency contractors - Local Contractor Blogs - The majority of sheet metal products that we sell will cut and bend up to 24 gauge steel sheet metal. If you are working with thicker material, you must have the presence of mind that its possible that the tool will fail if it is bending or cutting thicker than its limits. Get free quotes - shingle repair, roof flashing repair, roofing solutions, home roofing. This chart shows exactly how thick material is and what gauge is corresponds to ..More

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Be Sure A Roof's Vulnerable Areas Are Protected!

Best Local certified contractors - Popular Forum Pages - Both are nearly as durable as copper, although they both will eventually succumb to corrosion while copper will not. Residential & commercial services - flat roof coating, certified roofing, roof tile cleaning, discount roofing. Both steel and aluminum are much less expensive and are typically used on most homes today. All of these materials are suitable for just about any roofing surface other than aluminum flashing, which is not suitable for use on slate. Flashing is generally made from copper, steel, or aluminum. Copper is the easiest to mold into the various shapes for a good fit and is the most durable against corrosion; however, it is also the most expensive ..More

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Expanding Your Roofing Tools Potential

Listings Of industrial contractors - Helpful Articles and details on repair & services - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - a These kind of issues ultimately reflect on you and your companies reputation over time. This picture was provided by DVC Roofing who see poor installs on a daily basis and has garnered the reputation for fixing mistakes. a You can see that the amount of pressure put on these guards over time has caused guard failure. Give credit to the installer for not totally ignoring the installation, but keep in mind that snow guard selection is important. Get free estimates - best roofing, roof construction, mobile home roofing, tile roof repair. a In the picture above, the Berger #100 series copper snow guard is installed. a A better option would have been the PRO100 Berger Copper Snow Guard with an extra gusset for additional support. It is safe to say that majority of homeowners are clueless to the issues that arise from failing to install guards and it is up to you, the roofer, to explain this to them. Snow avalanches from a roof can destroy gutters/downspouts, decking/shrubbery, and with unfortunate timing can cause bodily harm ..More

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