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I am looking to re-roof a 6-7/12 Asphalt Shingle Roof and upgrade the underlayment for a longer lasting roof. I can get a lower homeowners insurance rate. I have read online peal n stick will lower the homeowners insurance 25% per year (correct me if I am wrong here) After tear off I will re-nail the decking to the updated codes, then dry-in with 30lb felt tin tagged. Next I am thinking of applying Mule Hyde SBS base peal n stick (or another ?better? option that approx $100 per 2sq roll) over the 30lb felt, then install light grey dimensional asphalt shingles, with stainless nails My goal is to get 20+ years out of this roof then possibly renail asphalt shingles over it again in the future. I have read conflicting reports on peal n stick in regard to sticking to the plywood decking ?permanently? so I thought 30lb tin tagged first would protect the roof decking. Also I have heard Asphalt Shingles will melt/stick to the peal n stick making tear off in the future difficult, however I would have 30lb down under That'so any future tear off shovel can get to the decking. Would you apply peal n stick to a asphalt roof and how would you do it? The synthetic underlayment. I am not sure how this fastens to decking for south florida codes?do you tin tag it?, I know 30lb felt is tin tagged to hell in South Florida. Synthetic underlayment wont degrade and is good in wet shady places, but I Don't like how thin it is in regard to bazillion nail penetrations Q: What dimensional shingles do you think are the best for say approx $80sq Q: What brand of peal n stick do you like for asphalt shingle roofs? Q: What brand synthetic underlayment do you prefer? Q: Attic Ventilation with peal n stick over entire roof? Ridge Vent? Q: Would granulated peal n stick cap sheet be a better option under shingles to reduce the shingle melt in I know this is a lot of Q & A. I appreciate the help Chris West Palm Beach Fl
Category: Roofing Post By: HELEN B (Los Angeles, CA), 02/14/2018

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